8X30 Mesh

8X30 Mesh

RECO Type – 8x30 Mesh

RECO 8x30 mesh carbon is made from a selected grade of bituminous coal. It is produced under rigidly controlled conditions. The carbon has a good distribution of macro-pores and micro-pores which is highly suitable for use in waste treatment and all liquid phase application.


Particle Size Distribution                                            8x30 U.S. Mesh

Larger than #8 mesh                                                  5% maximum

Smaller than #30 mesh                                              5% maximum

Total Surface Area (BET Method)                             1000 m2/gm minimum

Apparent Density                                                        .46 gm/cc minimum

Hardness                                                                     95 minimum

Mean Particle Diameter                                              1.2 – 1.5 mm

Iodine Number                                                             950 minimum

Moisture                                                                       3% maximum

Abrasion Number                                                         80 minimum



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NASA JSC, designed and built orbital air cabin cleaner in conjunction with ILC Space Systems and NASA, these units have been used on every shuttle flight since 1988.

Several articles published in “Advances in Filtration and Separation Technology” and “Fluid/Particle Separation Journal”.
Chemical Air Protection From Corrosive Atmospheres
Some Common Emissions of Natural and Industrial Processes

Presented four papers to American Filtration Society International Conferences.

Sold Chevron, Pascagoula, MS pollution control equipment totaling $240,000.

Sold Texas Instruments a 40,000 CFM hydrofluoric acid gas scrubber totaling $750,000.

Sold China Oil, Taiwan over $300,000 for pollution control equipment.

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