Activated Carbon for Pulp & Paper Industry

One of the worst challenges for the pulp and paper industry is the corrosive air. This corrosive atmosphere isn’t just bothersome for employees (though it is); activated carbon for pulp and paper industry filtration is critical because of the dangers that hydrogen sulfide gas presents for both equipment and people. Adequate filtration is needed to prevent corrosion and sulfur dioxide to equipment and side effects for the people involved – side effects that are even as serious as death.

In the process of turning wood chips into wood pulp and then reusing the spent liquid, called white liquor, activated charcoal filtration is used to remove hydrogen sulfide to prevent damage to equipment, switchgear and the control room and keep employees safe.

Riley Equipment Company’s activated charcoal filtration effectively treat wastewaters from the pulp and paper industry, targeting and removing substances such as hydrogen sulfide gas and sulfur dioxide that causes premature equipment failure and harm to personnel.

How Activated Carbon Adsorption Filtration Works

Activated carbon filtration is produced from sources such as coal and coconut. The carbon has a very porous surface, giving it a substantial surface area. The large surface area makes the material highly suitable for adsorption in pulp and paper manufacturing processes. The impregnated carbon neutralizes the acid gases to protect equipment and keep employees safe.

Benefits of Activated Carbon Filtration for Pulp & Paper

  • Many different materials and sizes to choose from.
  • Filtration effectively removes hazardous acid gases and other contaminants.
  • Carbon filtration effectively removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and bioeffluents
  • Carbon filtration promotes optimum airflow in complex processing systems.

Contact Riley Equipment Company to begin discussing your filtration needs for the pulp and paper industry. Our experienced professionals can design the charcoal filtration system that’s best suited for your specific needs.


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