Activated Carbon Smoke Removal

Riley Equipment Company provides Activated Carbon Smoke Removal and odor clearing solutions appropriate for many challenging industries and a variety of facility types. When it comes to completely removing smoke, we are your go-to professionals for removing smoke and unwanted odors from environments including cigar lounges, bars and clubs. Our customized smoke mitigation solutions use activated carbon for smoke removal. Coal and coconut activated carbon is known to be very effective in filtering particulate matter, odors and VOCs from the air. Each filtration solution is built and targeted to fit your exact needs, balancing efficiency with effectiveness to completely remove smoke and its accompanying odors from your facilities, no matter the source.

Smoke Removal Filtration Applications & Facilities

  • Cigar lounges
  • Wildfire
  • Tobacco
  • Cocktail lounges
  • Bars and clubs

Smoke Removal for Cigar Lounges

One example of the thoroughness of our Activated Carbon Smoke Removal solutions can be found from our clients in the cigar lounge industry. The challenge presented by cigars is that the smoke contains over 400 chemicals, including tars, water vapor, and nicotine, just to name a few. These surprisingly sticky substances, along with the particles in the smoke, require specialized equipment to remove. If they’re not filtered out of the air in the facility, these substances can accumulate on everything such as drapery, furniture, and walls. Unfortunately, when this happens, they can continue to contribute their vapors and odors well after the evening’s cigars have been extinguished. Using active carbon for smoke removal is the most effective way to eliminate both the sticky tars, along with the particulate matter within the smoke, and refresh the air quality within the cigar lounge for your patrons’ enjoyment.

Smoke Removal for Bars & Clubs

Removing smoke from bars, clubs and restaurants is a challenge on its own because not only does the smoke latch onto the furniture but also the walls and floor which leave a smell that feels impossible to remove. Bar and restaurant owners understand the odor could be an annoyance to customers who smoke or don’t smoke which could reduce the time they spend at their facilities. Vapor activated carbon is the most effective way to remove the smell of smoke from facilities such as large as bars and clubs. The vapor activated carbon removes not only the smell of tobacco and nicotine, but the particles smoke creates and refreshes the air quality in the bars and clubs for customers to enjoy.

Contact Riley Equipment Company to begin discussing your smoke removal needs. Our experienced professionals can design the filtration equipment you need to meet even the most exacting standards.

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