Carbon Media Oil & Gas Filter Solutions

Riley Equipment Company is committed to providing the Oil and Gas industry with carbon media filter solutions that improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce cost. We specialize in produced water, liquid, and air filtration.

We offer the following products:

Produced Water & Liquid Filtration

  • Liquid Scrubber Vessels   
  • Virgin Granular Activated Coconut Carbon   
  • Virgin Granular Activated Coal Carbon  
  • Anthracite Filter Media   
  • Filter Sand & Gravel   
  • Maximum Dirt Loading Liquid Filter Bags  
  • Standard Efficiency Pleated Filter Cartridges  
  • Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges 

Air Filtration Types

  • Air Scrubbers  
  • Deep Bed Scrubbers
  • Side Access Units  
  • Virgin Activated Carbon   
  • Virgin Granular Activated Carbon    
  • Impregnated Activated Carbon   
  • Air Filters  
  • Water Quality
  • American Water Works Association
  • Made In USA